Love Is Something Divine

Love is something divine. Love is about looking at someone, and your heart has a slightly different feeling compared to anybody else in the Universe. It's about wanting one person; and one person only. That is why people get married at the end. For others who sleep around and don't settle down, they live the most lonely life. They don't know love. Love is not something you see in the movies, it's about something you experience. It beats to the rhythm of compassion. It makes you happy, even when tests and trials come around. Love is so precious and rare that you don't just get it anywhere, it needs to be found. So when you found love, hold onto it. It might not come around twice. Most of the time, they don't. People who satisfy their lust will never have enough. They'd search for other qualities they don't find in their partner, for they don't feel complete. It's not their partner's fault, it's his own fault. It's his job and duty to complete the other. Imperfection is perfect, that is why love has its ups and downs. Love is sacred, that is why only two people are responsible to make the oath to each other, not three or four. Relationships need one person to direct the boat and the other to steer it, if there are many people involved, there's a big possibility that the ship might sink. Love is a great amount of sacrifice. It is tightly bonded with loyalty, trust and forgiveness. True love gives, but never expect. Love is what give life its true meaning. Love is what makes life worth living. Love is something worth dying for.

...and yes, this is an original. No need to ask me on Formspring.

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