Not Myself

Recent Song On Play: Shadow- Ashlee Simpson

Sorry for the lack of posts this month. Been such a busy month in so many ways. Both emotionally and physically draining every inch of me. Yet so many postponed thoughts I have been wanting to write here. My English is getting rusty and I need to write more. Please remind me that I need to get straight to business and not procrastinate. I miss writing, I'm not over-exaggerating, but it almost felt like I lost a little part of me when I don't write, and every time I don't write for some time, I need to warm up a little bit to get back on track, but I'm more than happy to be home. My apologies for the mellow posts for the past few days, too. Just haven't been... Feeling like myself. Funny how I hate changes; but as time goes by, it's these changes that happened gradually are the ones that I find are the ones to watch. I'm going to do a new set of posts, it's called the Journal to Survival. I guess it's just something I came up with in terms of dealing with heartbreaks. So, be sure to have a read on that... Well that is all from me now, I gotta run but I'll be back in no time... From the bottom of my heart, I do love all of you.

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