Take A Stand

Recent Song On Play: I Don't Trust Myself With Loving You- John Mayer

I still don't get how my brain works. Most of the time, it works beyond my will and power, so it has the power to scare me every once in a while. Or every time something is just out of my ordinary system, I become paranoid of my own thoughts, I'm even afraid that someone is able to read my thoughts. I guess I'm a dreamer. But hey, that is one of the things that kept me going all these years.

Just like how I stay unattached. I completely acknowledge the single life. It's somewhat liberating. You don't have to waste time wondering where someone is, what this person is doing, realizing how much he's occupying your thoughts at any given moment. You're safe and sound; from heartbreaks, from jealousy, from all kinds of worry and drama. If your choice in life-- at one point or another-- is marriage, then you'll be just fine. You'll spend half of your life with someone you get to annoy for the rest of your life, why rush to that point at this early days of your youth? Aren't you more interested in chasing your dreams, making lots of friends and making your parents proud of you?

We're all a little afraid inside, aren't we? A little afraid of falling in love, a little afraid of failing, of losing, of goodbyes, of being betrayed or heartbroken. Every passing year, we shake the hands of people who just came into our lives, pretty much equal to the waves of goodbye we gave to the people that left. Abroad, or maybe never returning. Ever again.

I miss this... I miss writing. Just being outspoken about what's on my mind. I forgot how vulnerable I become when I write. Life for me, has always take its unexpected turns. It's a surprise every time. So when people complain about how dull and boring their lives are, I'm slightly annoyed how unexpected mine is, even sometimes wonder how is it like to live a very patterned, routine-oriented life people live. Not that I'm complaining, though. I'm grateful. For very supportive people in my life, no matter what or how I do in life.

I'm just like each and every one of you, trying to figure out all the broken puzzle in life. At times things fit perfectly, other times it's scattered all around the floor. But however it might end up or how big the result would be, I believe it's going to make a very beautiful picture.

keep the faith

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