Dear Fragile Heart

Remember how we did it? Remember how we got all through this years? Yes, yes. That's the spirit. Never get too attached and don't fall in love. He will give up on you at one point or another, leave you for someone else, or intentionally-- but he probably would say he unintentionally-- hurt you. Whichever comes first. Don't fall for the traps now. He might look into your eyes and try to convince you that he's different, but so help me God, he will just prove himself that he's the same. Do you really wanna go through it over and over? The tears or the hurt or the endless nights you spend crying in pain? No, right? There, there. It's all lies-- how people are meant to be together, everything will work out fine or love will find a way. You've had your fair share of hurt, now don't let those ridiculous quotes get to you.
Come on, now. I just got myself together, just to be broken to bits right after?

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