"hello nad kok kyanya kamu sukanya nulis post yg sedih2 ya? apa kamu terus2an sedih sih soal cinta? n gak ada tempat buat nuangin isi hatimu slaen post di blogspot"

Hello. Thank you for your concern. And I'm sorry if my posts have been rather depressing lately. If you are one of my readers then you probably know that I don't only write about sad topics, but also other life-related topics, too. Either way, this is just a way of my escape. No, there is no other outlet, for this is my only place that I can burst out, climb up or break down without sounding like a lunatic. Again, reading my posts is your choice, I've never dragged you into doing it. Popularity was never the aim of my writings, I just write for the sake of wanting to write and that I know that I'm able to write. If you have anything against it or anything I've written here, I'd be more than happy for you to stop reading and just leave me be.

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