Happy For Being Happy

Recent Song On Play: Be Be Your Love- Rachael Yamagata

Happiness, in my life, is something valuable. It's not something that I get to live through or experience everyday. It is something so rare; that I have to earn, for it was never given. I can easily say that happiness is underrated that a lot of people took it for granted. I hate drama, God only knows how much I want my life to be drama-free. The longing to be happy without having guilt to tail me along. Happiness is having your favorite book between the piles of your other favored ones. Happiness is that moment before you sleep and you're reminded of something beautiful- a compliment, an advice, or a person. Happiness is going through a hectic day and you see your phone and realizing someone misses you. Happiness is being able to eat your favorite food. Happiness is how the air smells after it rained. Happiness is someone believing in your dreams. Happiness is knowing you're not alone, even when you're lonely. Happiness is eating cereal right out of the box. Happiness is your favorite song playing on the radio. Happiness is listening to jazz. Happiness, contrary to belief, is a choice. It's not something you find in things or places or people, it is located inside of us. So go there, be there, stay there. And after all, at the end of the day, each and every one of us only wants to be happy.

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