Journal To Survival #3- The Haunting Questions

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It's hard enough to make it on your own without having to include other people in the drama you don't wish to be in. But honestly, whether we like it or not, the cold hard truth is that we live with other people in this world, so there's a huge chance that they'll be a part of your relationship, even when you're unaware of it. On this segment of the week, I'm about to talk about something that might also be a pretty hard challenge for us to get over.

The haunting questions of why, how and who ended it. Of course we tell stuffs to our family, to our friends and others about our relationship with someone. There might even be people that have been there from the start and those who have been through the progress ever since. Even know the slightest detail about the relationship, the people you turn to when the times get hard, before you call it quits, of course. The hard part might not only be explaining over and over about what happened, but maybe the judgment that came alongside the explanation beforehand. One of the tough challenges is that when our family and friends have found so much comfort with the person we're associated with. It just gets worse when they find the separation unfortunate, somehow you're just reminded with the pain over and over again. It will be easier if you would just explain what really happened and that you're over it. You don't regret it, you're just over the mourning part. Tell them that you are, even when deep down that you don't. I think of it as an act of faith.

When you have many mutual friends with your ex-partner, it doesn't make the forgetting bit any easier. Sometimes you're tempted to ask how the person's doing now, if there's someone new, or if he/she still asks or talks about you. It's not going to be easy, especially when you wish it could have ended up differently.

The thing is, remember to always stay calm at the inescapable questions that will be coming your way. Just don't think what other people will have to say about it, it's you who went through the crazy ups and downs of a relationship. People may have control over things you do, but they may never have control over the things that you feel. It might be something that you second guess of, but the separation happened anyway and there's nothing you can do about it, neither can the people around you.

keep the faith

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