Don't You Get It?

Recent Song On Play: The Last Goodbye- James Morrison

Yes, I am jealous. I get jealous too. I hate to admit that maybe I'm just a girl, what can I say? I make ridiculous scenarios in my mind that I'm not supposed to. No, it's not okay sometimes even when I say that it is. I know it's something simple that I complicate, but I get insecure too. A little concern of what might or could happen. I don't like competition, there I said it. Not when I'm not around. I compare myself to other girls, which make the thoughts worse. Jealousy is my bruised ego talking. I just feel like I have to win your heart over and over... And I hate to feel that way, 'cause I feel that maybe someday I might lose you to someone else. Yes, all this revolves around thinking that I might lose you, which means I don't want to, you idiot. Don't you get it? Maybe I just want to be your choice all the time, even when other options came around. You know, I wanna be that girl you fall for... When everyone else is falling for you.

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