Love Is Tragic, Love Is Magic

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Judging by the poetic view of the title, you might think this will be a deep one, but no. This is just another blab I will be doing on another random and strictly ordinary post. We have a place where we can pour our hearts out and not really think twice 'bout it, don't we? Or maybe a person? Someone you can turn to when all gets dark and you don't have the strength to go on? Does a name or a face surprisingly pop in your mind?

Love might seem futile, makes you feel fragile. It knows no place, nor does it know time. It just happens, so grand and sublime.

...Uh, Earth to self, I thought this wasn't suppose to be deep?

Excuse my thoughts. I might be a little out of place, so to speak. Yet, love is a lot like what just happened. You can't really plan it. You can't really hold it back. You can't really predict it. But when it hits you, it hits you so very hard. But when it goes wrong, you feel lost. Almost forgotten why you even took that path in the first place.

I have this friend of mine who is a decent and an extremely kindhearted person. She's nice, very outgoing; passionate about things she does. Fell in love, but had to deal with one of the hardest obstacles in relationships-- distance. For education purposes, he had to leave abroad. She waited patiently. In fact, she had so much faith in their relationship. All is well until the long-awaited boyfriend returns after three years. He broke the news. She broke down to tears.

He returned to tell her that he's getting married with someone else from the place where he has been. What's even worse is that he told her that he's having his first child. Honestly, I, as frail as I can be, would honestly be crumbling into pieces right at that same moment as I hear those words come striking down on me. That experience brought a new meaning to relationships to this friend of mine. She became a little traumatic, but now has found love and gained trust to try falling in it again.

Another friend of mine-- a little more rebellious than the first one-- has trouble settling down. But finally, after a couple of broken hearts and maybe a few wrong turns, she settled with this one guy. The guy had issues from previous relationships too and also have a few things in common; such as trouble with settling down. I asked my friend what kept her going, for almost 8 years, didn't she had trouble with making it work in her previous relationships? What changed her? She said, "Nothing changed really." I was a little puzzled. "I just finally got it," she continued. They ended up at the altar, even now I just knew that a baby is coming her way!

A new understanding dawned on me. It's not all about the physical contacts or sweet poems your partner is obligated to do. Not the amount of flowers, or the ongoing logs of phone calls that you have. Not about how many guys do you have to forget or hanging pictures you get rid of. The thing is, love is something divine. Most of us don't get it. We often times question why we get our hearts broken, or even got introduced to all the jerks and heart breakers in our lives. Just remember this: God created enough happy endings for all of us.

keep the faith

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