A Night Of War

It was terrible chaos. The clear blue skies turned into grey and loud noises resounded the atmosphere. Piercing bullets spiraled around and the still silence turned into blaring sounds of tears. They try to hurt somebody but they're hurting themselves. The wound seemed so evident but no white flag appeared in sight. Seeking answers and truth, but nobody is doing it right. The moon witnessed the blazing gun and outpouring of blood, when the only thing that was supposed to be shed was their ego.

The aftermath is the hardest part. You look around and realized what was lost. How much pain it cost. You win some, you'll lose some. The question now is, "Was it worth it? Was it all worth it?" Just how much you've lost in a matter of one night? You start questioning what was the reason of all the mayhem and realized it wasn't as important as the result that had followed. The undeniable truth is how hard it is to pick up the pieces again. Collecting what is left of the rubble and making them worth something. Making something out of nothing. It may seem useless. But you should never give up hope. There still is hope.

The dawn is at sight. The night is over. The war is over.

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