We're (L)Over

You win some, you'll lose some. Happy endings are just a matter of fairytale, too good to be true to ever happen or come true. Isn't it ironic? How you picture relationships to be all rainbows, butterflies, but when you crash and burn, you realize that there's so much to learn.

Sometimes love is like a poem. You can't really understand unless you're the writer of the poem itself. You might get the idea or understand the point, but you can never get the complete picture unless you underwent the whole process. People see the good in love but they never witnessed the bad. That's why everybody knows... But nobody really knows.

If you push me away, I will drift apart,
If you stop me now, I won't even start,
If you don't hold back, I will try to let go,
If you say you care , why can't you let it show,
If you push the envelope, I will burst into tears,
If you press the wrong buttons, you'll regret it for years,
If you won't change your ways, I'm not going to argue,
If you hate me now, I always will love you.

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