Dating Essentials

You might ask if I have any sleeping trouble for blogging at this irrational hour of the day... Maybe, yes. Most of the time, it's a no. But I get consumed by my thoughts a lot, this blog, I see it as a healthy alternative. So every time I get a chance to pour my hearts out here, I go on and do it. No second thoughts. Those posts made without thinking, are mostly the most honest and the truest out of all.

I thought it was going to be like in the movies. Rainbows and butterflies. The unexpected surprises. We all get the picture, right? The only thing looking anything like in the movies, is those broken-hearted scenes, with a depressed person being in bed, with tissue for a runny nose and puffy eyelid at 4 in the morning, half consciously typing words as they form sentences inside the head.

What's the point? What's the point of relationships; does anyone got an answer to that? Dating. What's the use? No one should be dating if they're gonna end up with a breakup at the end. No one should be dating if they go as far as finding someone better at the end, just to leave the other person behind. No one should be dating if they care a lot more for themselves than they do for the other person in the relationship. It's a joke. This relationship thing. And dating is like gambling, you can end up in two, marriage or a breakup. Successful relationships end up in marriage, unlucky ones remain single individuals again. It's a waste of time, mourning over someone who doesn't really care anymore, though. When everything is hurting and it's killing you on the inside. You recognize the person in the mirror, but you just don't know anymore. You just don't know. Nothing was suppose to change. Everything around might be changing, but love remains the same. I should have known... I should have known better. I'm not disappointed at anyone. I'm most disappointed at myself. If only I see the good in men. How can I see the good in men if they're just another unfaithful, dishonest & selfish human being? You're with him, but his thoughts are some place else. It's sad, really. When the presence of two people feel more empty than a single loner.

keep the faith

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