"Dreams Are For Losers..."

I didn't think about the consequence,
It didn't even make any sense,
Like floating on empty space,
Walking on sand without a trace,
Dreams are a chain of emotional burst,
Satisfying each of your ambitious thirst.

Welcome to my reality,
A place where I can't even have my own identity,
They told me what to do and where to go,
All that I hear is people saying 'No,'
"Dreams are for losers," that's what they say,
But not one word can lead me far astray.

You can call it what you want; a joke, maybe a fantasy,
Spiteful comments, so mean and nasty,
I was forced to follow life's trend,
But I dream with my eyes wide open,
I'm not stopping, not until they arrive,
For they are my dreams-- that keep me alive.

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