It's December and I know what you're thinking; we're heading towards the end of the year already and yet-- it almost feels like there's not much that you did this year. Or things that you wish you could have done better, or there are a lot more things that you haven't done at least. Or is it just me? If there is one thing that human will never get enough of is the feeling itself-- being content, as in the feeling of having or doing enough.

Isn't it in our nature, though? Of the need to do or want more? Maybe that's the thing that drives us to our goals, the ambitions. I recently watched a fictional movie called The Adjustment Bureau. So basically it's about a man that is in the middle of an election to run the country. Somewhere along the way to the peak of his career, he met this woman and instantly fell for her. Everything felt right from the beginning. One thing that you should know is that the plot of the movie basically created this group of people that can "control" how the whole world works. The Chairman, that I picture as the "God" because he is the one that wrote the fate and has the ultimate control over everything, employs a group of people to take care of everything going on. In short, this group of people told this man that in order for him to do well on this road he's on, as in his journey to The White House, he has to leave this girl because she'll do his future harm. There's no exact reason told in the movie why that is possible, but this group of people just kept on getting in the way for them to get together. The girl even had dreams herself. Her dream was to become a professional dancer. But the girl herself couldn't hide her feelings for him. She even tried another relationship with a guy that she soon got engaged to, but broke him up for the guy of her dreams, the one she was told she was not suppose to be with.

It's kind of complicated to tell you how the whole movie goes. You have to see and rate the movie for yourself to be able to have a say on what it really is about. To me, it's about feeling content of what you have. The man risked everything he has to go for this girl that he was sure of. I don't know what he was sure of. But she surely made him feel enough. There's a moment in the movie where the man said that she was enough. It somehow showed me that dreams change as you meet other people. Especially people that became your dream came true. But maybe, just maybe, having enough is enough.

"All I have are the choices that I make, and I choose her."

keep the faith

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