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I went to my first concert on December earlier this week! Was among the lucky few to witness Train's concert on Monday. The band that got every girl wanting to get hitched from listening to their single "Marry Me," and also got the Ukulele ringing in our heads because of "Hey Soul Sister" sure swept us off our feet. Their tour was titled "Save Me, San Fransisco" and I just found out not too long ago that it was their 5th studio album. Wow, talk about a long journey to the top! But from a reliable source (that I can't give you the name of, it's confidential), Train was reportedly a very positive band. And I came to realize that they really are. In the press conference, the band-- when asked what kept them going all this years-- gave a very humbling and honest answer, it was because they were always thankful. I sound kinda stupid, but it proves to me that in most cases, good guys really do finish last.

We all wanna be the hero, right? We all want to change the world. But guess what? You can't do that because no matter how noble or positive you may be, there will be people against you or people who critique you or dislike you. That's just the way this Universe works. You can't please everybody.

It is hard to fight against the current. It is always easier to be drifting away with the waves. It's logic. To stain something is easier than to clean a mess up. Positive will always be harder to be accepted than negative. That's why truth always hurts more than lies. You can't always want to change things the way they are. But you can do one thing. You can try. You can only do the best. Hope for the best. One good change is better than no change at all.

keep the faith

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