A Fresh Start

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Hi, Earthlings! Glad to know that my blog is not deactivated by the server (yet!). All is well, except I just haven't been in the best shape for blogging... But hear me now, I am back. Better than ever. And when could be a better timing but the end of the year. I love to start the new year with a fresh start.

Fresh start. Who wouldn't want a fresh start? I mean, we all make mistakes and our choices might not be the best there is, but hey, above all, life is still good. And in the end, everything happens the way they should be. Don't worry if you think you can't move on, or the hardest part of starting over with someone is starting right down from the bottom. People see the bad side in trying to move on from a person of the past because you think it's going to be the same all over again. Therefore you have trust issues, you get insecure. Take it this way, when you're about to start a new relationship with someone, picture yourself being a totally renewed human being. Would you still want to do the same mistakes all over again? No, right? You would definitely learn from all the other faults you've done in the past, because there's another chance you might do it right this time. Picking up the pieces, I used to be scared of what might have been. But if you're too scared of the future, it might not even happen.

...and if I live a thousand years, you know I never could explain, the way I lost my heart to you that day. But if destiny decided I should look the other way, then the world will never know... The greatest story ever told.

keep the faith

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