In Good Terms

It's common to become strangers again when your relationship with someone ended in great tragedy. So they say that lovers that end cannot remain friends. Is that true?

I know a lot of you have experienced-- or maybe speaking on behalf of people who don't have the experience, might heard from a relative or two-- that it's hard to stay in good terms when something didn't work out with someone. Maybe how it ends became the main reason, or there are some other explanations various people have in mind. Or perhaps when they meet or start a conversation, things get awkward, so they'll cut the chit chats and rather avoid or stay away from it.

It is simple actually. If it starts with love, end it with love. I don't see why you can't remain friends or build a good friendship. Truth is, if you really love something, the love never wears away. Things don't always work out the way you want it to, but I don't see the reason why you should become enemies.

It's either you will always love someone, or you just have never really loved them. Simple as that. I figure that if it's really love, they take a part of you with them when they leave forever.

Sure, people change, but love remains the same. Love is patient, love is kind. Sometimes love means slowly losing your mind. Hate can turn to love, but love... It is so powerful that it can't be converted to hate. Because love will always, and I mean always find a way.

Keep the faith

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Ainun Mardhiah said...

I just broke up. 3 first days after that, we didn't talk pr anything, not even apologize. Things got too awkward. But luckily the 4th day he called me and we just talked like we used to do when we're still lovers. Idk if it's wrong cz it feels a lil bit weird to me.

I've learned that I'm not that good of a lover. Better off being single.

Nadia Juliana said...

It takes time to heal. Like the best-selling book titled "It's Called A Break-Up Because It's Broken," broken is exactly the reason why there's going to be cracks in the next phase of relationship.

Everyone sucks in relationships. Everyone has some kind of trouble as a lover. Being single is a lot easier because you take care of your own self, sometimes we know ourselves best. Taking care of a relationship is twice as hard as being single because there's twice the amount of human being involved. Which means, two bodies, two brains, two hearts combined. The tough part? Settling them down and reach the one and only vision.