"Silence is Gold"

...so I’ve been told.

Let’s see, shall we? In several cases, meaning situations like when your parents are having serious talks about certain things for instance, while you’re goofing off and making fun of the subject, then of course it is. So you’d better keep those lips shut. But what if it’s about something a lot more than that, what if it’s something that you can’t keep to yourself? Something you have to say aloud? What if it’s a truth long hidden, that you have to stand up for it?

“Whoa, whoa. Hold your horses, Missy. It would help if you explain a little,” might probably be just the thought that came across your mind. Although everyone I know are spending their day in a mall some place, or even stuck in traffic, I’m happily glued to my bed next to books and DVDs, eager to write about other things and post them here. I watched The Help earlier today; Emma Stone played as the leading lady. Skeeter (Emma Stone) is a young, well-educated Southern woman, motivated to become an aspiring writer, and was given the chance to become one. The days that she lived in, wasn’t exactly drama-free. It was the years that the environment had issues with “colored” people. To sum the plot, the white people looked down upon the Negroes, where every black people were used as “rewarded” slaves. They pretty much do everything, from cleaning, to cooking, to raising their children. But the respects they received from people who employ them were anywhere near compassionate. Skeeter, who disagreed with how her friends treated the maids, decided that she would do something about it. What else can she do about it? She can write, she figures. So she started with writing a small column in the local newspaper. She then gathered her resources, investigating about how the black people who worked as maids feel, made it into the scandalous book that turned the town upside down. Although the maids that opened up had doubts at first for speaking up, they trusted Skeeter was going to be just the right person who will help them out of the blunder.

You can’t make the world a better place, unless you do what you can with what you have. In Skeeter’s case, she wrote about it. It’s scandalous, at the moment it’s even against the law to fight for equal treatment, but she did what she think is right. And it paid off. Some of her friends despised her, the things she did— but some actually stood up with her. Even the man who adore her and encouraged her to write, left her at the end of the movie, admitting to her that she’s better off alone, because he thought what she has written was ridiculous. But it didn’t make Skeeter regret anything.

“Some things you just have to keep for yourself.”

Yes, it might be true. As said in the movie, it might be better if some things are left unsaid. But what if one truth made a world difference? Silence might be gold, but speaking up is diamond. I know it’s hard to speak up for your self sometimes. But sometimes believing what’s right, means believing it on your own.

keep the faith

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Ainun Mardhiah said...

i just watched it few days ago and it's so far the most inspiring movie I've found after being stuck with trashy ones for two months. Nice review and I completely agree with everything you say.