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I've been reading all the posts I've written in the past year. Sometimes I surprise myself just how much I can come up with. Funny how all this bull got me through tough times, I found bits of myself when I lost my mind in the making. How much I understood things in an instant, found my epiphany, got my heart broken, and then goes back to my nostalgic past. What's more wonderful is when people understand what I go through, it's almost felt like my posts where there for a purpose. And for that very second, my writings came alive. One of my favorite quotes is something I got from the serial TV Heroes, "It's important to remember, no matter how much you want to forget."

So here is my favorite posts that I wrote from 2011 (in no particular order), feel free to check them all out and tell me what might be your fave. (Click on the title to read the post!)

Dummy2Dummy Guide 'Skills Schmills!'

Here is one of my favorite posts from early 2011. It's basically about some useful tips (which I certainly made up) that might make you want to start writing. I do believe writings can make big differences, that's why books are windows the imagination! Why not start writing now?

Happy Ending
This is one of those honest posts I made from a random thought that came up. Typical me, I usually just write the highlights and expand them as I write. It doesn't really matter if it's long or short, if I'm happy with however it turned out, it's good enough for me.

The Three (Ever-So-Famous) Status
THIS IS PROBABLY MY ALL TIME FAVORITE. One of those moments where I went back and I go like, "Whoa! I wrote that?!" I can't even believe it myself, to be honest. I'm pretty sure most of us-- in fact, all of us-- must have experienced either one.

What's There To Love?
This is one of those moments in life where I just feel like maybe life is not worth living, for always feeling not good enough. I guess words can never describe how you really feel. Have you ever felt that way too?

The Sweetest Revenge

One of those posts that also came from random thinking. Sometimes my brain is misleading, but then again I feel that some of the points coming from it can be amazing. It's about how to get even with people who hurt you. A little curious of what I came up with, maybe? ;)

Do Us Part
This is dedicated to a friend of mine who had lost her boyfriend from a tragic accident. It wasn't an easy post to make.

Someone Like You
This is a random poem I came up with. Hope you like it :)

Don't You Get It?

The inner girl just came rushing through to me. She kinda speaks out for herself and she knows that other girls experience it too. Come on, girls. We all get a little envious sometimes.

Why You Suck
Another heartfelt that I feel like writing. Turns out people can relate to my lovey dovey posts. I guess because everyone must have experienced such thing?

Dreams Are For Losers
One of the poems I made when I was feeling blue. I guess writing is a good alternative. I feel like I can be myself. I write even better when I'm depressed. This is a healthy rehab for me.

So from all the posts that you've read on my blog, what could possibly be your favorite? Don't be shy to tell me why! Feedbacks are always welcomed :)

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