Don't Stop Believing

I got this song stuck in my head for the whole day. I got some good news that I can't really share to the whole world to, but would love to maybe in the future, before that though, in the time being, let's have some fun in 2012! Why the sad faces? It's 2012, b*tches!

...oh yeah, right, PG-13.
Sorry I got carried away...

Crazy how insecure we can be sometimes. I mean everyone is good at something, but when someone is better at what we do, we're just ready to bury our head beneath the ground, not really sure if we wanna do it anymore. But hey, never underestimate what a person is capable in doing, you'll never know where they'll end up in a few years time. I mean, what are you afraid of? Not good enough? Don't look good? We have all you need to survive this cruel and agonizing life, just call 0800-1234-5555 (Baha, kidding). This is anything but an advertisement post, it's actually something I've been wanting to post but never really had any idea if it will do anyone good. So here it goes!

Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, Zac Efron, we all know the glitz and glam of Hollywood. But they, too, have their ugly days in the past. Who'd knew that they'll end up being the people they are now. Look at these celebs back in the days!

Oh yes... A New Day Has (indeed) Come for Celine Dion.

Who'd knew that this little missy would be a Bond girl?

Would you really think she can land a role in Moulin Rouge?
Too chubby for it?
...yeah, thought so too.
She can be proof that life is a little unfair. Cute kid, hot adult. You can have it all!

This little cutie is Catherine Zeta Jones!

This little squirt look like Stuart Little to me.
But look at him now! Yes, that's Zac Efron!
Who would have guessed that George Clooney looked like this in High School?!
I seriously need to get in touch with the nerds in my High School!
This Matrix-like picture is actually the actor of the movie Matrix himself, Keanu Reeves!
Well honestly... Not the cutest kid in school. But now, hot hunky chunk chunk in Hollywood!
Hopefully Kate had never thought of drowning herself in the blue seas knowing that face would get her the starring role of Titanic!

Seeing the pictures above give you some sort of hope, right? Or well, if they don't... At least you know that life is fair after all! Now look at yourself in the mirror and say... "I need a nose job."


keep the faith

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