Reality Is Real

Everyone have those moments. When they doubt if it's the right thing or not. Where they feel a little out of place. And they feel like no one understands them. Where they don't feel in sync with everyone else. Pain caused us that much security of ourselves. We think love would be perfect but it won't. It's naive of us to think otherwise. Sometimes I wonder because it's not what I pictured in the first place. Sometimes I even feel numb. But real love is just that-- it's real. It's real pain. It's reality. So that sums up to the definition of true love. It's just that, too. It's true. Sometimes we don't dare to be honest to our feelings because the truth is too hard to swallow. Because you've heard the promises before. You've heard all the nonsense you've believed before. Everything-- was exactly the same. Even donkeys don't fall in the same hole twice and you're just being as careful and attentive so you won't make the same mistake twice. Because apologies don't always mean instant healing. You should remember that the most important thing is yourself. Sometimes you just don't have to think about what other people think or say about you. Or your relationship. Relationships are not about looking cute together or who looks better with who. It's ridiculous to listen to what they have to say because people can never know what you go through. They think they do, but they don't know how it feels like to be you. It's not like what you see in movies. Or what you read in those books. Because those things are made by humans. They're a way of escaping reality. But reality means pain. And pain is good sometimes. Pain means you're living. Living means you're growing. And sometimes you won't know if it's really love until it's over. But everything that is good, can be bad for you too. Because once something is taking a lot of your attention, then it's certainly taken a part of your life. Like raising pets for example. But it's a lot more than that, of course. Much more. You're worried because you simply don't want to end. You don't want it to end because if it ends, you're hurt. Love makes you vulnerable, doesn't it? Like the littlest things can cause the biggest fuss. It will cause you to struggle, and it will-- sooner or later-- make you feel like you've barely survived. But every seed has to die first, for the flower to flourish. Because lust doesn't mean love. Near doesn't mean close. Far doesn't always mean distant. New doesn't always mean exciting. Different doesn't always mean better. And putting up with the future doesn't mean you're ready for it. So is letting go. Moving on is not as easy as taking off the frames of the wall and packing them inside the boxes. Or as easy as getting rid of all the teddy bears, flowers and concert tickets that came along with it. At the end, you'll realize it's harder than you think. And the good memories-- the good ol' times are going to be easier to remember. Don't rely on sparks because they'll become bombs at the end-- and when it's gone, it's gone. It’s easy to take off all of your clothes and get naked. Some people do it all the time. But opening up your soul to someone, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes, dreams... That’s my definition of getting intimate. Maybe what sucked was because in the back of your mind, you had the perfect picture of how it's going to be. You wished that they've known what you've wanted. You wish that when you said you didn't want to go, they'd still wanted you to go. You wish that when you hung up, they'd call you. You wish that when you turn your back, they come chasing after you. There's never a guarantee if the person you're with will be there for the rest of your life. There is not, nor ever will there be, the perfect man or woman. It's you who can make love last for a lifetime. I know people keep asking if he or she is the one, but you'll never know. But what you know is that you intend to make him or her the only one. And that's enough. Then again, in the future, their actions may hurt you and maybe you question if it's worth it. But if it ends at some point, you're going to get hurt even more. It's going to hurt because it matters. It matters because when you began, you didn't think, you feel. You just jump right in. But when you look back, you'll realize that it gets better every time. Stronger, tougher, smarter. So don't worry if someone good missed out on your best, there's always someone better.

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A.N Setiyawan said...

wow, i like this setence '' don't worry if someone good missed out on
your best, there's always someone better.'' this one is amazing words..

Nadia Juliana said...

Thank you so much for reading! Really am happy to get some feedbacks:') Keep reading & keep the faith :)

Anonymous said...

This is one of your best :)

Nadia Juliana said...

Thank you so much! I love this post too. But I love the fact that it was liked by you! Made my day.