(Don't) Be Afraid To Fall

Valentine's Day. It's more of a day to remind all of you to splurge money on cards and chocolates. I'm one of those people who never make a big fuss out of Valentine's, I think of it as an ordinary day like any other. I mean, it's not even public holiday, what is there to celebrate? But then, last year changed my view on that. Maybe in this scrutinizing life we live, we need to be reminded that you are loved and you also need to remind someone that you love them. It's like birthdays. Who needs a reminder that you're growing old? But then again, I came to realize it's a reminder. That you're alive. To this day. And isn't that something great to celebrate about? Just like Valentine's, it's also a reminder that love is a grand thing. Love is to be celebrated every day of your life, but there's no harm in making a day feel extra extra special.

Maybe it's all lies. How people said that they don't want the cards and stuffed animals and being treated as sweet as possible. But maybe it is true that they don't want to be treated that way for just one day. Maybe you should buy someone flowers just because you want to let them know how special every day with them are. And I don't always mean a girlfriend, or a boyfriend, it can be your parents, your best friend. Remind them how grateful you are to have them in your life and how much you love them. Valentine doesn't have to be fine dining and all, maybe it's just something special such as a little note hung on the refrigerator, or a little text message to express how much you love them. Simple things leave memories that are hardest to erase. No moment is ever perfect, it's you who create the perfect moment. Now go remind someone you love them.

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