How I Met Your Mother

Steward : All of these things make me realized. I miss being single.
I miss staying out late. Making messes, and not cleaning up the mop.
I miss... Porn!

Marshall : Dude, who doesn't?

Steward : I assume when I see a super hot model chick out there...
Why am I with Claudia? I could be with her!

Ted : Haha! Dude that is crazy!

(Awkward stare)

Ted : Uhm I mean...

Steward : No, no, the point is I wanna get married.
I wanna settle down, but right now? That is just not who I am.
I'm not a commitment guy, I'm a single guy.

Ted : Steward, you don't have to be the one or the other.
Everybody feels this way sometimes.
Relationships aren't easy and need a hard work. It's about compromise.
Grow together... Though I bet you feel crap.

Steward : How do you know? You aren't even married.

Ted : Okay, ask this guy. 9 years he's been with Lily.
He's the pro. This guy knows relationships. Tell 'em, Marshall!

Marshall : Steward... Don't get married.

Ted : DUDE?!?!?!

Steward : ...what?!

Marshall : I'm sorry...
Being a couple is hard and committing makes me sacrifice... It's hard.
But if it's the person, then it's easy; looking at that girl
and knowing she's really the one you've ever wanted,
it's the easiest thing in the world. And if it's not like that,
then she's not the one.


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