If I Ever Cause You Trouble

Sometimes I wonder why some people are so guarded all the time. Like they're so afraid of falling in love. Maybe they have trouble opening up because they don't want to end up getting hurt. I mean, who does, right? Too much knowledge sometimes make you a little more insecure. For instance, little kids who knew so little can dream so much, that's because they haven't had a clue about how painful reality really is. As reality and experience grew, people become tougher. Smarter. Stronger. It's hard for smart people to get a partner, because they've known and experienced so much. It's a challenge for anyone to be at the same level as them. I've even read an article about a divorcee who became a successful businesswoman after a not-so-victorious marriage with her ex-hubby and when asked why she's not seeing anymore man to accompany her in the future, she simply replied, "I've seen enough." I guess people are always that way, they run to their careers and goals in life whenever their relationship turn sour. It's an escape somehow. And in a way, it makes you motivated, but I guess it's almost like working when you're high, you're just a little bit unconscious. You're sort of numb. And when you can feel again, you're a little more hurt than before. The term of satisfaction is temporary, and then you're back to your lonely self again. I read a quote that says, "When you have to choose between love and career, always choose your career. Because your job won't wake up one morning and decide to leave you." It's a little sad in a way. But I guess everyone has their own definition of happiness. Although truth is, your career won't take care of you when you're old and ill and dying. Love will.

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