Lost, Help & Love

I've lost a little piece of me and found myself whole with you. It scares me. The thought of maybe I'm too weird for you. Maybe I'm just too much to handle. Maybe someday you'll forget... And move on. But by then, maybe, maybe, I'm still here. Lingering. In your presence that was absent. Missing the person I shouldn't miss, thinking about the person I shouldn't think about, dreaming of someone I shouldn't be dreaming of. I am just one of the same beings. Looking for another beautifully crafted being. A being so imperfectly made that they seem ever so perfect. Perfect because I don't have to try. Not trying too hard is easy for me. What's hard is winning your heart. Over and over. Trying to impress you... Every single day. To make you feel my love. And that's tiring. I don't think that's ever necessary. I just want you to want me. Maybe... Maybe that's enough for me. Funny how this destiny thing works, right? You were supposed to meet someone, think alike, get attracted to each other, and then fate put us in different lanes. Separated. When love is all you wanted. Love makes you feel alive and then love is the same reason you could be dying on the inside.

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