Complicated and Underrated

"I just need to know that it's possible for two people to stay happy together forever"
- Juno

People told me that no matter how well I live on my own, there comes a point where I'll need a partner in my life. Some people like me find happiness in loneliness, but happiness is only real when it's shared. I've always been one of those skeptic that doesn't believe in marriages, long term companionship and such. My friend told me he can't find a reason why you should stick with someone who doesn't make you happy while you can be happy by yourself all the time. I totally get it. I mean, what's there to believe? When everyday I find people waking up and changing their minds; realizing that they're not really in love with the person they're with now. I've always thought of how complicated it is, to deny what you feel and believe in what you're thinking. Separation, unfaithfulness, so much drama in life with two when you can just peacefully and happily cook some dinner for one. Less energy drain, less emotion consuming, less complication.

I'm jealous. Not of passionate young love that most kids throw around these days. But of old people living in harmony and I guess no matter how hard I try to believe that you can grow old with someone, there's going to be a little part of me that thinks being alone means being free from hurt. You have something to lose only when you know you have something in your grasp, there's nothing to lose when you have nothing in your hands. But deep inside, the same brain that denies love's existence, it also thinks that it's nice waking up to your best friend, living your day and have sleepovers with the person you'd share your dreams with. Despite everyone's different definition of independence, I guess it's always nice to have someone you can always count on. I guess everyone knows that love is complicated, but many people also think love is underrated. They give love less credit than it deserve. You're moved to do things you're passionate about because you love it. You're heading towards your dreams because for once, you're actually doing something that you love. Love is real when it's shared, that applies to life as well. Life will be more lively when you share it. So share it with someone worth sharing, you won't be around forever, trust me.

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