Lights, Camera... Action!

I'm the kind of person who is pretty picky on so many aspects, boys, jobs, you name it. And I am more than blessed to say that I get so many opportunities that I never thought of. It's only the third month of 2012, but I'm still looking forward to the many more to come! Here are some of the photo works I've done recently.

This is totally different from any shoots I did in the past... This is when my ballet skills come in handy! (I love it when I have to jump around or tiptoe to make breathtaking pictures) The shoot was at a rooftop and so we're really counting on the wind to make the pictures work. Again, love the outfits. It's by my beautiful friend Catherine Soepadhi. (Click her name here!) Go check her collections.

Behind the scenes ;)
I love this picture... Look like I just landed from flying.

Every gigs that I do have its own ups and downs, and to me, the cool thing about photoshoots is that you can actually be a girly girl, do all the make-up and dressing-up that I don't get to do when I go out with my jeans and tee on a daily basis. The outfits that I did on the pictures below are actually really ethnic and casual, has a touch of feminine Batik flare to it. Love the ensemble.

Here's another boutique photoshoot that I did with Miss Patricia Gunawan. Been a while since our last meeting. I forgot that we've even met before. Me and my short-term memory sometimes. Loving the playful dresses and wearable tops, jeans and accessories. One thing that made my day sour is that I rip my contacts before the shoot. So I can't see clearly the whole day, which made everything seem blurry. But it's clear now that the pictures turned out quite swell!

If you know my blog, then I know you can tell that this is so much different than the posts I've done in the past. Well 2012 is definitely about changes. Speaking of changes! I'm changing all my names into NADJ. It's pronounced as 'naszh.' If you know the word 'mirage,' then the 'DJ' at the back of 'NADJ' is pronounced exactly as the 'age' in 'mirage.' Sorry to confuse you. But I'm all about the changes this year. Let's hope this year's changes turn out to be a good one. Fingers crossed!:3

keep the faith

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