Too Much Of Anything

Too much is never good. Of anything. Too much of a good thing leads to an addiction. Too much of a bad thing makes you a bitter person. Too much hate causes war. Too much love causes you trauma. Too much is never good. Maybe deep down I'm always trying because I know there's always someone out there, trying much harder than I am, in whatever cases. I can't let something slip away if it wasn't something I don't want to let go of. Maybe the thing with being too much is because you think less of yourself. That you don't realize you're actually better than you think you are. That you deserve better. That even when you're a train wreck or even if you have really old-school taste, when you don't hang out with the cool kids or walks at your own pace, someone would think you're enough. And I know people try so hard sometimes, trying to be more... But you have to know when is enough. What is enough. Who is enough.

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