"We're Going Down... You Can See It Too"

My dear, we're slow dancing in a burning room

You go back and forth. You see the rubble. In pieces. You've lost sight of who you love. You want to be saved but the person who can get you out is the one who burned down the building. You saw it all burning but you hold on without knowing it will destroy you. The things we crave the most, destroy us the quickest, don't they? As the air thickens, it gets harder for you to breathe. The memories, they are too precious to leave behind. But you can't picture yourself building a new home. Maybe a new house, but never the same home. I wish I was bold enough to leave. Build a new house. But with you, the thought lingers, I'm going down with the building. I can lose a house, but I never want to lose my home. And I never want to lose my home.

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