In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle...

Recent Song On Play: Shiver- Coldplay
"So you know how much I need you, but you never even see me, do you?"

Life is a jungle. Not a beach. And most definitely not a walk in the park. I was looking up in the sky at night, visualized my dreams and thought to myself, "Dreaming. It's never a map, just a big picture of how it's going to be." Imagine your parents sending you off to the jungle with no map or even a compass; just a picture of your destination. I, honestly, would have freaked the crap out. But that's how life is, you see. It’s a jungle because in each and every step that you take, you learn how to survive. And it’s in your blood, the strength and power to survive. These dreams, these goals you are meant to achieve, they’re like a picture you receive in the beginning of the journey. It’s not a map, just a picture of how your destination is going to be like. How do you survive? By learning how along the way. Think about it. No one really knows how to raise a baby, take care of a family, come to think of it, we didn't know how to do anything in life. We learn by seeing, hearing, we do it by living. We can never fully understand life because no one really knows how to really live. We can, only if we find something worth living, or even worth dying for.

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