Puzzle, Maze & Labyrinth

Recent Song On Play: New Shoes- Paolo Nutini

You know the classic saying that goes, "Everything happens for a reason" right? I've always been a firm believer of that. I mean, it's crazy how life works itself out. The people you meet, the places you were taken to and all the experiences you get to deal with. Sometimes we don't get it, we feel lost or out of place, things that we just don't understand. Then there comes a time when we finally realize that everything falls perfectly together. Seaming itself into becoming a complete piece. Sometimes we just don't have to push it, just don't push our luck. Things can happen in the strangest, most absurd way that we can ever imagine. We'll meet the right people, at the right time, with the most unexplainable reason. Sometimes they're so surreal-- the things that happened to us-- that we think it's almost like a dream. Those moments will happen in life; things that you just don't wish to happen, things that you have to make happen. Everything in life is already planned, but the choices we make determine the end result. But I believe, everyday, every single day of our lives are written somewhere before; the people that passed you by, the songs you hear on the radio, the quotes you see on those big billboards; you were meant to go through all that. They will lead you a step closer to your dream. It's like this teeny tiny little piece of a big puzzle. Then you'll understand things better, bit by bit. Though you might find a bit of difficulty every now and then, but maybe that's a sign for you to go through other passages, some walls may narrow themselves as you go through, you just have to keep going. Some ways might drive you to make a U-turn, but don't worry about the setbacks as long as it's followed by your comeback. The thing about dreams are, you don’t have the map to get there, but there is a big picture of how it’s going to be.

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