Thought at Dawn

I don't know about guys, but girls have a tendency of comparing themselves to other girls, which won't only make us think bad about ourselves, but also feel bad about ourselves. The thing is, no matter how good a girl can actually do something, or no matter how she looks like on the outside; sometimes girls think less worthy of themselves. Is it me or do you understand how it feels too? Even when girls receive compliments, most of them would feel awkward to accept them or maybe deny it, it's just in our nature to be ignorant about what other people can see in us because frankly, sometimes we can't see it in ourselves. But the funny thing is, everyone is created differently-- how we look like, how we see things, what we're good at, differences complete us. That is why-- although girls will need a little more effort than guys-- we shouldn't compare ourselves to different types of people. Nobody 's perfect, so let's keep it that way. Just because we don't have what they have, or if we can't do what they can do, we really shouldn't be too hard on ourselves. Besides, you'll never know what other people really go through; the stress and the struggle. You might think their lives are so perfect, but you barely have any idea what really goes on. Everyone is gifted in different areas, just to show that our Creator has a bigger plan for all of us. Even when we can't see the beauty in ourselves, just like a butterfly-- no one can see the beauty of its wings but other people. So feel good about yourself, you are wonderfully made.

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Anonymous said...

"sometimes we can't see it in ourselves." you said. Maybe the beauty is in the eye of the beholder indeed. ;-)