Drifting Apart

Just saw the movie Perahu Kertas at the cinema. And for the record, I am not a professional movie reviewer, nowhere near that category. I write what I like and what I dislike, nothing for the sake of promoting anything, just little ol' me trying to do what I love. The movie is very slow paced, assuming the effort they're giving so it won't leave room for mistakes in bringing the book to life. Making a good book is one thing, making a good movie from a good book is another thing. The beauty of the movie is how it shows really distinctive characters in details, a good movie always explain each role as if we can personally connect to them. This movie did it well. It's not perfect, I mean, if you pay attention to details, it could still have been better. But I wouldn't say that it's a failed attempt either. The combination of good lighting and soundtrack sets the whole mood for the movie. A surprising cameo came from Hanung Bramantyo himself, something Stan Lee would pull off in his movies too. The story itself is a little Twilight-ish, how the love-triangle (or square, exactly?) began to surface and became one of the conflicts. The placement of the conflicts is very well put. It doesn't seem "forced" but rather very natural, a scenario that everyone can relate to. About trying to put aside dreams and reality, don't we need a little slap in the face on this one? The movie opened my mind in a way. How often we chase the wrong things in life, the things that once felt right. But as time goes by, you began to wonder if it really was meant for you, if it was really just a dream you're living in. Isn't it scary how feelings just change, but even scarier when you realize that some feelings you thought were gone actually remained the same? Every time I see someone with kids, or a husband; just alongside a very loving, caring family, I feel envious. I mean, will I ever reach the stage of having that in my life? I mean, how can you just meet someone and your feelings just change, just like that? As if what you have in the past didn't count anymore. Life's always give and take, sometimes it takes brutally. The movie is about moving on, falling in love again, drifting apart and falling all over again. Isn't it just a grueling cycle to be in? Time hurts, heal and probably time is the only answer to each question jumbling up inside our heads. Because sometimes you think it's the ending, but it's not. Just like how this movie has a sequel.

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apa essay format said...

Yes I like the movie Perahu Kertas a lot I am very glad now that you share an excellent experience of yours after watching this movie...I wish I would see this movie in cinema as did you experience.

Ainun Mardhiah said...

Now I WANT to watch this movie. Needs an airplane to take me to XXI. I live in a forest LOL