I love just how his eyes light up when he talks about music. And maybe that's what caught my heart for the first time. I used to be a skeptic. Someone who doesn't believe in the experience of a live concert. But he changed that. He doesn't only changed me in a musical perspective, but emotionally and physically as well. Although sometimes there's a side to him that made me go, "Who are you and what have you done to him?" He saved me from myself. And as much as I don't want him in my life, he has taken so much space of me. Even when I have standards in life and maybe he can't come close to what I've pledged myself earlier in life, but he's an exception. Isn't it scary when someone walks in and just turned everything you believed in upside down? Or even more terrifying, that all that can change in an even much faster timing? But true love can't be measured by how much someone has done to you or how much they changed you. You know what is the only one thing that could measure true love? Time. That even though everything changes, how the person is, what the person does, that they kept fighting for you; that they never doubt their first choice of making you their only one. That's the true test of true love.

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