Waking Up

Every time I read a book, or a Tweet, or a quote, or a post and I somehow felt connected to it, or it triggered something within me, I felt a spark on the inside, somehow I felt like I'm not alone. Maybe that's why we read... Or ReTweet... Or repost things... Cause we're glad to know that we're not alone. And every time I write and people told me that they know how I feel... Or they go through what I went through, it still surprises me... That someone actually... Could possibly know what it feels like. And that's where my mind wanders off... And I kinda go blank. Just give an awkward smile, something people might think as being rude, or being not friendly, but it was just a surprise to me, really. That anyone would actually compliment on my writing. On my beauty. On me. That someone would actually notice someone like me.

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