What A Girl Wants

"And I'm thanking you for being there for me..."

I've never felt such pain and pleasure at the same time. And the happiness inside, stirred me to keep on going. And even there's pain, a part of me always bears with it. Sometimes I just stare at him, realizing how happy it makes me just... Looking at him. With the fact that he's beside me. Out of any girls in the world, and he chose me. And sometimes, I know it might be the most random thing... But I can't help touching his arm. Out of the blue. Just for no reason. I happen to enjoy sinking myself into the beauty of his presence. And then the sadness cover me all of the sudden, without a warning, knowing that this could be gone in a blink of an eye. So, I looked at him again. Knowing how blessed I am. To have reached this level of happiness in my life that I don't think was even possible. I guess people were right. That the best relationships are those that happened without any expectation. I never planned to fall this deep. Or to love someone this much. Love is like a quicksand, I guess. No matter how you try to run away, something sucks you deeper and made you stay.

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Maraya Faza said...

Hey! I really like ur writings and thoughts. I can realte with how u feel. Maybe i can ask u for advice? :)

Abdinio said...

hai salam kenal. gue abdi. followback blog gue di deknio.blogspot.com ya. :)